Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Today 5 Items Bought at Michael's

5 Items I Bought at Michael's

Today I went to see if I can get a few things for my journal writing and crafting, thanks to coupons I got these. Let's get crafting 

Can't wait to try them all in my work.

Gelatos I always wanted to try $$9.99 to $ 5.99

The washi tape looks fun to use as well $4.99 to $2.49

1 Prsmacolor I want to try before buying the whole thing, $1.89 to $1.51
The two papers will be great to use on card making or tags $.69 each to .34, .35


Great Items I Bought at Target

Target Finds

I went to target yesterday and I bought a few things that I wanted to use, I was looking for a new 2017 planner and found a great one for use and also looking to get a mini HP. I also got gel pens and a fun pom pom and cute post its. 

The pens are good as well

Purchases at Michael's

Last week Purchase 

I have been on a crafting kick and it might be due to the cold weather :) I had to get these and use them for m y journaling and pen pals.

I reallt like the small paper pad they are perfect to share with pen pals and make fun journal cards, the tape is cute to use as well,