Saturday, November 12, 2016

Neocolor Watersoluble Review

Watercolor Neocolor ll

My brother bought these for me and I am really having fun using these. The colors are so pretty and I really like how they work with water, I never used a product like these and I am playing with them in my art journals :)

They are pricey he bought them at Amazon for $22 but I'm sure that Micheal's or another craft store might have them for better price, and I didn't know that they also come in other colors, will have to save and look into it :)

They write and draw so soft as well.

I like how they work with and without water.

I seen this picture in google and had to try and draw it, I am not the best drawing person,  but the colors are pretty

I also tried it mixed with watercolor pencil hmm will have to work on that one, I drew here when I seen the picture on google of course there's wa pretty and perfect hehe:) I have to much fun in my journals

The background pink is a paint :)

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