Saturday, October 22, 2016

My Artist Loft Big Journal Book

Art Journal Book

It is so much fun to draw and create even if you’re like me and have not a perfection of my work I love to do :) Here are a few pages that I am working on and having a blast, I want to keep adding after I finish it with my writing and drawings..

I would like to see how fat I can get it with adding fun items I collect or make along the way.

If you have nothing to do try this, I got the book at Michael’s it is called the Artist Loft. The front cover is canvas and you can add whatever to it, and the pages are for sketching and drawing, but for me I added water colors and markers and acrylic paints and it seems to be doing good and holding up well:)

2. I like trying my hand at cartoon, water colors
3. watercolors, and black fine point black sharpie
4. Pencil only
5. blue fine point sharpie, and the other page is watercolor
6.  acrylic paint and glued scrap paper on the left.

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