Friday, October 14, 2016

Crayola Washable Color Markers Washable

Washable Markers Crayola

I wanted to try these washable markers from Crayola and see if I can use them as watercolors, I think I must of done something wrong I still have to practice with these and use other kinds of paper to see if they bleed through. It was fun..

Ok I used my water brush pen and wanted to see what happens. The paper I am using is a watercolor paper from Artist Loft maybe it's the paper I need a better one. The same one I always use.

The heart on top I used my water brush and the one on the bottom I just colored it in, The top one does not work very well, I might be doing something wrong. If you tried let me know please:)

I drew a box and tried to bring in the color and that didn't work. So I added a little water in the middles and colored it in. Here is the result.

Instead I colored it in

What I did next was use my waterbrush and take some color from the pen and use it to write these words, now if you want to use it for writing or color in drawings in your journal or art journals this will be cool to use.

I also tried it on paper craft the construction paper and here is how it looks no bleeding but shadowing.

Here is the back

All in all I do like the Crayola Washable Markers to use when I need some color in my journals:) Now to see what  brush pens or pens that will take the marker and not have the smear going on, Please let me know if there is a better water color paper you use.

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