Sunday, August 28, 2016

50 Fabulous FELT projects to create Craft Book

Creative and Colorful Projects to Make

Amazingly This book I checked out at the Library,.

50 Creative & Colorful Projects To Make, by Katherine Duncan.

Looking through this book has given me such great ideas using the books instructions or using my own instruction. I can't wait to try some of these and use  my own touch and add to my shop. I hope that this book gives you great ideas as well and try them with your family or your own. 

Here are some of the projects they have.

1. Notebooks are always cute to have, and this one would be neat to try.

2. Daffodil's who knew they can be felt not me, will try this with other colors as well.

4. Even a Mosaic looking one, really now this I will try in the near future maybe a forest  type.

Here are the templates. I dare not cut out of this book just trace. :)

Please comment so I can visit as well:) and if you have any other books for me or other readers to check out please say:)


  1. It's amazing all the cool crafts you can make from different art supplies like felt. Looks like a cool book!

    1. Hi Jennifer, Thank you for stopping in. I know I would of never thought of these myself. that is why at times I like to head to the library and see what they have in the craft section and food, beauty. Thank goodness for the libraries still.