Sunday, August 28, 2016

50 Fabulous FELT projects to create Craft Book

Creative and Colorful Projects to Make

Amazingly This book I checked out at the Library,.

50 Creative & Colorful Projects To Make, by Katherine Duncan.

Looking through this book has given me such great ideas using the books instructions or using my own instruction. I can't wait to try some of these and use  my own touch and add to my shop. I hope that this book gives you great ideas as well and try them with your family or your own. 

Here are some of the projects they have.

1. Notebooks are always cute to have, and this one would be neat to try.

2. Daffodil's who knew they can be felt not me, will try this with other colors as well.

4. Even a Mosaic looking one, really now this I will try in the near future maybe a forest  type.

Here are the templates. I dare not cut out of this book just trace. :)

Please comment so I can visit as well:) and if you have any other books for me or other readers to check out please say:)

Craft Books

These are very neat crafting books I will share with you when I purchase them or more likely to check out at the library you can find old fashion craft books which I think are amazing.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Crochet Flowers and leaves

Hand Crochet Flowers and Leaves Tutorial 
These cute crochet items will be great to add to your handmade projects as well. Here I tried to make flowers and leaves, once you get the crochet right they will turn out good, as you see I need more practice but loving it.

Actually the humming bird was supposed to be a small bird, but for some reason I might of missed a chain or two and it turned out to be a humming bird hehe, the coolest in crocheting is that if you make a mistake you can turn it into something cool.

Crochet Leaves

Crochet Roses


Here is a small sum of what I made so far  loving it, I am thinking of using this is a painting project.

of course my turtle didn't come out great I still need to add eyes.

Please leave me a comment so I can check your amazing work out:)

DIY Composition Book to Fun Journal or Planner

DIY Journal or Planner Composition Book

Not another boring Composition Book let's turn it into one of a kind art book that will have your friends wanting to make there own. Oh my goodness this never crossed my mind till I ran into Suzi Blu video on how to create a fun planner from a plain Composition Book. I always seen those books but passed them by. Now I have fun things to try with them.  I am having a blast creating and adding, if you have done this and have great tips please share.

Here is what I came up with, and giving it to my BF/Sister she is waiting for it:)

I bought the book and it is plain first:

I forgot to show I painted it as well:

Then I did the next step to fun tape it, I call it. I really liked how it came out:) bottom tape is from my  local market, number stickers Dollar Tree, letters are foam Dollar Tree, polka dot tape School Supply Store, Hear puffy Dollar Tree, I did the drawing with paint.. Pink Dots from Michael’s $1.00 spot

So inside I added scrapbook paper sheets I got at Joann's and Michael's all on sale.

1st page, maybe needs to get a few post its.

2nd Page

3rd page, fun paper sheets are great to have even if you don't need them at times.

I'm still working on it a bit before I send it out

I really like the back of the page I taped double sided to this small pocked pencil case I got from the Dollar Tree at the Back School Section, to cute

next I tried water color just to see how it would look, not bad

Here is the back cover

Please leave me a comment so I can check your amazing work out:)

DIY Simple Bottle & Flowers Display

DIY Bottles N Flowers Display

Let's turn that dull corner  space into a cute eye catching decor that screams Fantastic.. Oh! My goodness never toss them old fashion looking bottles away there are so many cute Ideas you can use them as. My brother brought me a old fashion looking root beer from Orchards and I saved it after I drank it.

I went to Dollar Tree and picked a few pretty flowers and the roses are paper that I got at Santa Clarita Swap Meet, you can find the coolest items there, I need to go back:) I hope you like this simple 2 step craft.

If someone else already did it cool I am a late bloomer.  lol


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DIY Heart Candy Jewelry Box

DIY Candy Heart Box Jewelry Box

I know you can make one with your own style why not try. Oh my goodness I forgot all about this craft that I did do a while ago. I had this pretty heart box that had candy inside and when they were gone I didn't want to toss it out so I was thinking what I can do with it. Then I looked at my jewelry that I always have laying around because I am lazy at times to put my jewelry away the proper way.

I just kept thinking and BOOM! it hit me, I went to  my craft storage and looked inside and I had small pink pom pom's and cotton and hot glue gun. What I did was clue around the inside and put the small pom pom's around all the way on the top, and glued each cotton to the bottom and this is what I came up with.

What you need:
1. Cotton
2. Small pom pom's

3. Hot Glue Gun

I added a few of my pieces 

Never toss your boxes away:)

Please leave me a comment so I can check your amazing work out:)

DIY Projects

I am sharing my DIY'S I make along the way.


These will be my crochet crafts that I am doing and will add to fun creative projects.

Crochet Star With Flower, Granny Squares

Crochet Snowflakes and Stars and Granny Squares

I tried my hand at these and they look ok for the first time. Of course it took a few tries in one day but I think I got it pretty good :)  I done these in the past and happy to share them with you. I enjoy crocheting and trying new patterns.

But this was a mistake that turned into a snowflake, the granny squares are always fun to make. 

These were fun to make Granny Squares will make a colorful afghan for this winter.

Here are the snowflakes that I was going for circles how the points came about was a  mystery to me *laughs*

I am going to add flowers to the flakes to make more decorative.

Please leave me a comment so I can check your amazing work out:)