Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Today 5 Items Bought at Michael's

5 Items I Bought at Michael's

Today I went to see if I can get a few things for my journal writing and crafting, thanks to coupons I got these. Let's get crafting 

Can't wait to try them all in my work.

Gelatos I always wanted to try $$9.99 to $ 5.99

The washi tape looks fun to use as well $4.99 to $2.49

1 Prsmacolor I want to try before buying the whole thing, $1.89 to $1.51
The two papers will be great to use on card making or tags $.69 each to .34, .35


Great Items I Bought at Target

Target Finds

I went to target yesterday and I bought a few things that I wanted to use, I was looking for a new 2017 planner and found a great one for use and also looking to get a mini HP. I also got gel pens and a fun pom pom and cute post its. 

The pens are good as well

Purchases at Michael's

Last week Purchase 

I have been on a crafting kick and it might be due to the cold weather :) I had to get these and use them for m y journaling and pen pals.

I reallt like the small paper pad they are perfect to share with pen pals and make fun journal cards, the tape is cute to use as well, 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Neocolor Watersoluble Review

Watercolor Neocolor ll

My brother bought these for me and I am really having fun using these. The colors are so pretty and I really like how they work with water, I never used a product like these and I am playing with them in my art journals :)

They are pricey he bought them at Amazon for $22 but I'm sure that Micheal's or another craft store might have them for better price, and I didn't know that they also come in other colors, will have to save and look into it :)

They write and draw so soft as well.

I like how they work with and without water.

I seen this picture in google and had to try and draw it, I am not the best drawing person,  but the colors are pretty

I also tried it mixed with watercolor pencil hmm will have to work on that one, I drew here when I seen the picture on google of course there's wa pretty and perfect hehe:) I have to much fun in my journals

The background pink is a paint :)

Pentel Coloed Ball Point Pens Review

Pentel Color Pens

I also bought these at the market when I was getting my groceries. They are perfect for my planner and journaling.. The ink flows good and there is no ink blob or mess in this batch :) Does not bleed through on my planner pages.

Here are the colors and how it looks.

Twistables Crayola Crayons Review

Twist Crayola's 

Every time I got to the market I always pass by the stationery side and I kept seeing the new twist crayons by Crayola and told myself that one day I will buy them. Well that day came and I did purchase them and when I got home I was trying them to see how they worked.

I really like how bright the colors arae and they are great for my paper crafts and journals I am making:)

Pretty colors, I am also using the magazine for cut outs and add to my journal pages for a funner look to it.

This is how the colors look like, they are more smoother that regular crayons to me. If you haven't tried these oh you have to give it a try.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Artsy Journaling

My Artist Loft Big Journal Book

Art Journal Book

It is so much fun to draw and create even if you’re like me and have not a perfection of my work I love to do :) Here are a few pages that I am working on and having a blast, I want to keep adding after I finish it with my writing and drawings..

I would like to see how fat I can get it with adding fun items I collect or make along the way.

If you have nothing to do try this, I got the book at Michael’s it is called the Artist Loft. The front cover is canvas and you can add whatever to it, and the pages are for sketching and drawing, but for me I added water colors and markers and acrylic paints and it seems to be doing good and holding up well:)

2. I like trying my hand at cartoon, water colors
3. watercolors, and black fine point black sharpie
4. Pencil only
5. blue fine point sharpie, and the other page is watercolor
6.  acrylic paint and glued scrap paper on the left.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Crayola Washable Color Markers Washable

Washable Markers Crayola

I wanted to try these washable markers from Crayola and see if I can use them as watercolors, I think I must of done something wrong I still have to practice with these and use other kinds of paper to see if they bleed through. It was fun..

Ok I used my water brush pen and wanted to see what happens. The paper I am using is a watercolor paper from Artist Loft maybe it's the paper I need a better one. The same one I always use.

The heart on top I used my water brush and the one on the bottom I just colored it in, The top one does not work very well, I might be doing something wrong. If you tried let me know please:)

I drew a box and tried to bring in the color and that didn't work. So I added a little water in the middles and colored it in. Here is the result.

Instead I colored it in

What I did next was use my waterbrush and take some color from the pen and use it to write these words, now if you want to use it for writing or color in drawings in your journal or art journals this will be cool to use.

I also tried it on paper craft the construction paper and here is how it looks no bleeding but shadowing.

Here is the back

All in all I do like the Crayola Washable Markers to use when I need some color in my journals:) Now to see what  brush pens or pens that will take the marker and not have the smear going on, Please let me know if there is a better water color paper you use.

Friday, September 23, 2016

DIY No Sew Pet Bed

Pet Bed Knotted

I am always looking for fun Fleece projects and I came upon this one video. I have done this cute pet bed  for a cat and will have it up on my etsy shop this weekend hope to. I want to share the video as well encase you would like to make your own.

I made mine for the ones who don't want to do it or can not at this time, I had fun making it for a little cute fur baby.

The material I used are 100% Polyester Fleece and the cotton is Silky Soft Ultra Plush Fiber both are washable and dry-able on low tumble.

Here is how my finished bed turned out, I stuffed it as well, 

The steps are so easy. I cut out 4" square on each corner and cut the strips

Then double tied the top and bottom strips together as knots

I bought a pattern for the top and a solid for the back.

Here is the video for you who would like to make one for your babies :)

Blankets will be next for this coming winter :)

Monday, September 12, 2016

DIY Small Envelope

Paper Envelope

I seen a few crafters that had the cutest envelopes and said I so have to try this for my journal book. I tried with a brown Polk dot paper just to see if it will come out ok. And to my surprise it was ok looking.

I will make more with different pattern paper and embellishments.

First I cut the template out.

Then try and put together.

I think it came out ok for a first time.

Please let me know if you have done these so I can visit your site and get inspired :)

Crafting With Construction Paper into Leaves

Paper Leaves Out Of Construction Paper and Scraps

I have a lot of scrap paper and construction paper and didn't want to sit on it so I went into Pinterest and found a cool project to try. Cut out your paper as leaves and just add them together and then when finish top with a big flower in the  middle. I still will add a little fun to it to make it pop more.

The Papers

For now the final project before adding maybe a little more embellishments. 

Please let me know if you have paper crafts and I will visit as well:)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

DIY Washi Tape Cut Outs

Oh My! I must be a late bloomer but I was watching youtube videos and I seen Amy Tangerine do this with her washi tape, inspired  I had to give it a try. Now I can use washi cut outs for my art journals and other craft projects.

Please let me know if you have any other ideas with washi tapes:)

I used watercolor paper I didn't have regular paper.

Here is some washi tapes I used.

The next step is to cut in half or not it depends on what you want to cute out.

Then I picked a few shapes to try out. turn over and draw.

My finished work, I will so have to buy more decorative washi tapes to make more patterns for my projects.

I'll be decorating these more.


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Sunday, August 28, 2016

50 Fabulous FELT projects to create Craft Book

Creative and Colorful Projects to Make

Amazingly This book I checked out at the Library,.

50 Creative & Colorful Projects To Make, by Katherine Duncan.

Looking through this book has given me such great ideas using the books instructions or using my own instruction. I can't wait to try some of these and use  my own touch and add to my shop. I hope that this book gives you great ideas as well and try them with your family or your own. 

Here are some of the projects they have.

1. Notebooks are always cute to have, and this one would be neat to try.

2. Daffodil's who knew they can be felt not me, will try this with other colors as well.

4. Even a Mosaic looking one, really now this I will try in the near future maybe a forest  type.

Here are the templates. I dare not cut out of this book just trace. :)

Please comment so I can visit as well:) and if you have any other books for me or other readers to check out please say:)